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"The present archive is a visual register of my career for those who may be kindly interested. But most importantly, in the pictures depicted below there are some of the friends that I made over the years, whom I like having just a click away."

— Gabriel Picart —

A Picart's work among the chosen by The IBEX Selection for its first exhibit, which took place at the Art Center Horus — Sint-Martens-Latem, Belgium, January 2021.

Picart directed two photo sessions for his new paintings at Christiane Vleugels' studio, which were sponsored by The Ibex Collection. Vic Pooters & Eddy Vouters were in charge of the photos, Monica van de Mark & Ashley Perier were the models, and Renée Van Osta & Caroline Quirynen the makeup artists — Antwerp, Belgium, June 2020.

At The Ibex Collection Headquarters & ArtLab to discuss new projects. On top, Picart checking painting surfaces with Chairman Albrecht von Stetten and Director David Willson — Augsburg, Germany, September 2019 & February 2020.

Days of intense shooting for a documentary about Gabriel Picart, produced by The Ibex Collection and filmed by Andre Heijnen / IORIDOMEDIA — Barcelona, July 2019.

Ibex Collection Chairman Albrecht von Stetten pointing at Picart's painting "Dot Cat" at the opening of the Master Links exhibition in Singapore. On the background, artworks by Alexander Timofeev, David Eichenberg and Antonio Castelló Avilleira — Singapore, May & June 2019.

Completion of "The Urn", Picart's painting for 'The Materpieces Project' of The Ibex Collection — Barcelona, May 2019.

Photoshoot by renowned fashion photographer Pascal Albandopulos for The Ibex Collection. Styled by Gabriela Santighian, Makeup Gabriella Pachmayr — Madrid, May 2019.

Opening night of the Sansiri X IBEX Collection Master Links HK exhibition. In the background we can see Picart's "Fake News", one of the two smaller works that were created as clues to his "Masterpiece" painting for The Ibex Collection — Hong Kong, China, March & May 2019.

Meeting of the artists represented in China by Espacio La Fundición. Among them, Fermín García Sevilla, Jordi Diaz Alama, Jaime Valero Perandones, Miguel Angel Moya, Carlos Saura, Carlos García Román, Juan Cossio, Alejandro Quincoces, Pedro Roldán, Pedro Marcote, Kike Meana, Jordi Isern, and Gabriel Picart — Madrid, September 2017.

Picart's work accepted for inclusion in the Art Renewal Center as an ARC Associate Living Master™ — August 2016.

Gabriel Picart has taken part in a documentary on some European cities for the BBC. He was interviewed regarding one of his main concerns, the mass tourism. In Picart's opinion, the tourism industry is indiscriminately flooding historical cities, doing little or nothing to help preserve these destinations for future generations — July 2016.


In Moscow, for the making of a portrait painting commissioned by Mishin Fine Arts of San Francisco, California — May 2016.


Two successful group shows in China together with some of the foremost figurative Spanish painters working today, reunited by Espacio La Fundición. They took place at the Global Culture Center of Hangzhou, in April, and at the Yiwu Xuefeng Art Museum, in May. A painting by Picart was used for the exhibit ads & catalogue — April & May 2016.


Interviewed by Piya Chattopadhyay for The Current, of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Gabriel Picart was the representative of Barcelona in the special program dedicated to his hometown and tourism — June 2015.


At Barcelona Atelier of Realist Art sharing experiences, thoughts and knowledge with others — December 2015.


In 2014, after reviewing thousands of artists and meeting with more than 400 of them all over the world, German Collector Albrecht von Stetten invited 24 painters to participate into "The Masterpiece Project", Gabriel Picart among them. With the financial support of The Ibex Collection, the selected painters were asked to paint their "own masterpiece".


"Allegra's Portrait as Ballerina" won the Silver Medal at the 2014 NTD Television International Figure Painting Competition. Prize was given ex aequo with Sandra Kuck’s portrait "Yvonne". The Gold Medal was not awarded — New York, N.Y., November 2014.


"I have twice had the opportunity of giving a talk at my former High School, and share my knowledge and expertise in the arts with the students. About thirty-five years ago I was one of them, and it was like closing a circle. And as always, you get much more than what you give." — Barcelona, February 2014 & 2015.

Gabriel Picart was the artist featured in the Art & Design section of the October-November 2013 edition of Gulf Connoisseur magazine. Published in Dubai, Gulf Connoisseur is the premier lifestyle magazine of the Gulf region. Filmmaker, painter, and poet Meena Das Narayan, editor-in-chief and publisher of the magazine, wrote the article on him.

Canon released a special catalog intended as a gift for their best customers of large format printers. The poet Luis Viejo wrote twelve small poems based on Picart's paintings. The handmade binding is in traditional Japanese mode, and its sizes are 46 x 30 cm. Canon released fifty copies — September 2013.

"Art Revolution Taipei 2013" — Taipei, Taiwan, May 2013.

"Second time attending the artfair as an artist, first time supporting my wife Rosa in ART-BCN, which I will also do the following years in a row, till 2020." — GP

A painting by Picart is the cover of the first issue of "Post-Modern Times: the journal of aesthetics and art history." This journal is dedicated to highlighting the work of the most gifted contemporary artists and exploring the aesthetic ideas that they address — March 2013.

Gabriel Picart was one of the two painters specially invited by the organization to participate in Art Revolution Taipei 2012. He shared the exclusive section dedicated to the International Grand Masters with the French painter Philippe Pasqua — Taipei, Taiwan, March 2012.

El Periódico devoted his back cover of March 20th, 2012 to Gabriel Picart. El Periódico is one of the two Barcelona's major daily newspapers.

On left, invitation to Group Show "Myths, Legends & Faerie Tales" at Mishin Fine Arts, San Francisco, California — November & December 2010.

'Special Guest of Honor' at Group Show "Visions d'Artista", which took place at the Sala Fontbernat, in Anglès, Girona — September 2010.

Gallerie du Soleil, Naples, Florida, USA — January 2009.

"On left, with Hungarian sculptor Márton Váró, on those days working on the facade of the Ave Maria Oratory church." — GP

Fingerhut Gallery, La Jolla, California, USA — October 2007.

"Last Solo Show with the Fingerhut Galleries, and yet one of the happiest memories. Besides the usual warmth of the Fingerhut people, visiting Disneyland with Allegra had much to do with it." — GP

Fingerhut Gallery, Sausalito, California, USA — May 2007.

On left, with Allan Fingerhut in his villa in Tiburon. "Allan was the original owner of Minneapolis' mythical Night Club 'First Avenue', and he had always been related to major rock stars. While painting for his galleries chain, Allan made me feel like one." — GP

Fingerhut Gallery, La Jolla, California, USA — July 2006.

On left, Picart with gallery director Tom Noel and his former representative and friend Herb Spiers. Herb represented Gabriel Picart in the U.S. for over two decades.

Fingerhut Gallery, Laguna Beach, California, USA — July 2006.

On left, with Russian artist Sergey Smirnov, who died suddenly on November 8th, 2006, at the age of 53 while in San Francisco for an exhibition at Fingerhut Galleries. Sergey had become the third living artist to have a personal exhibition at Moscow's Manezh.

NEW YORK ARTEXPO 2006 — March 2006.

On left, the home page of the New York ARTEXPO '06 website displayed a painting by Gabriel Picart.

Fingerhut Gallery, Sausalito, California, USA — February 2006.

On left, with gallery director Frederick Warhanek.

Fingerhut Gallery, Laguna Beach, California, USA — August 2005.

Fingerhut Gallery, La Jolla, California, USA — August 2005.

Fingerhut Gallery, Sausalito, California, USA — August 2005.

Fingerhut Publishing Group, San Rafael, California, USA — August 2005.

On top, at Fingerhut Group headquarters signing limited edition prints with Maurice Thompson. On left, with Fingerhut Vice President Rann Shinar.

Gabriel Picart was invited by International Artist magazine to be the artist from Spain in issue #38 (July-August 2004), first ever. A description of the specifics of his technique was included in the feature article on him, under the title "ART IN THE MAKING - Achieving an impersonal ideal of beauty".

Jones-Terwilliger Galleries, Carmel, California, USA — March 2003.

In Carmel, on a visit to Patricia Terwilliger & Barbara Jones, and meeting a lovely collector. Jones-Terwilliger Galleries had Picart paintings on permament display for many years.

Trip to Pueblo, Colorado, for the making of a portrait commissioned by Rowland Weinstein, and later meeting with him in San Francisco, California. Weinstein Gallery had paintings by Picart on permanent display almost from the beginning of his career — March 2003. 

NEW YORK ARTEXPO 2002 — March 2002.

On left, with painter Joaquim Hidalgo. In addition to participating as an artist, Gabriel Picart attended the art fair as Art Director of the California-based Allante Art Group. Besides Picart himself and Joaquim Hidalgo, the artists represented were Arnau Alemany, Enric Torresprat, Fernando Fernandez and María Rosa Lleida.

NEW YORK ARTEXPO 2001 — March 2001.

At the booth, with the director of S.I. International and Picart's representative in the US, Herb Spiers. Picart designed the original logo for the art division of the company. 

Ambassador Gallery, New York, N.Y., USA — November 1996.

On the left, from top to bottom: Joan Martí, Felix Mas, Miquel Almazan, Leopoldo Sánchez, Lluís Ribas and Gabriel Picart.

WolfWalker Gallery, Sedona, Arizona — November 1996.


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