Gabriel Picart


"The Nightmare"

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Gabriel Picart

“Taking advantage of all the tools a 21st century artist has at his disposal, from the most innovative 3D sculpture to the oldest traditional painting technique is the way to go. I am passionate about unifying the past and the present in the making of my artwork.”



After evaluating thousands of artists, meeting with more than 400 around the world over the years, and being inspired by their passion, German philanthropist Albrecht von Stetten invited 24 of them to participate in “The Masterpiece Project”: and thus, he motivated them to pursue their most ambitious artistic dreams. Gabriel Picart was the first one to be selected.

Gabriel Picart’s first Masterpiece is called “The Urn”. His most recent work “The Nightmare”, together with other paintings of his also belong to the collection.

The Nightmare

Oil on canvas, 180 x 270 cm

An allegory to the horrors of the pandemic

The origin of “The Nightmare” (2023) by Picart relies on Art as testimony, depicting significant events in life. Beyond question, the Coronavirus disease has marked a before and after for all of us.